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CCS Y2K seminars, presentations and events are
available at the locations and times listed below.

The Chicago Computer Society is an educational
and technical resource on the Year 2000 problem for
the Chicago District Small Business Administration.

Mar 25, 1999 9am to noon, SBA/CCS, Women's
Business Development Center Y2K seminar
SBA offices 500 W Madison, room 1250, Chicago
contact: Andrew Pincon
Mar 25, 1999 7 to 9 pm, CCS Y2K Special Interest
Group (SIG) meeting, Naperville Public Library
200 W. Jefferson, monthly meetings 4th Thurs of mo.
contact: Andrew Pincon

March 29 through April 2 SBA Y2K Action Week.
A Special Y2K Event is arranged for Chicago.
It is free and open to the general public.
Click here for more details and the location.

Mar 30, 1999 3 to 5 pm, CCS/SBA Y2K Special Interest
Group (SIG) meeting, SBA offices 500 W Madison, rm 1250,
monthly meetings 1st Tues. of every month.
contact: Andrew Pincon
Mar 31, 1999 8am Chicago Chamber Commerce SBA Event
Thompson IL. State Office Bldg., Chicago
Click here for more details and the location.
contact: Andrew Pincon
June 15-16 SBA/Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Business Expo
Navy Pier, Chicago For Information Contact: Andrew Pincon
June 22, 1pm Y2K Jumpstart Kit Training
Chicago Manufacturing Center
3333 Arthington St., Chicago
For Information Contact: Andrew Pincon
Y2K Impact on the Banking & Business Community
SBA/IL. Dept. Commerce/Com. Affairs, SBDC, Chicago FRB, FDIC
June 24, 8 am
James R. Thompson Center, Chicago
For Information Contact: Andrew Pincon
June 29, 8 am
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn
For Information Contact: Andrew Pincon
July 7 and 8, 8am Congressman Bobby Rush
Y2K for Minority & Small Businesses

St. Xavier University and Un. of Chicago Biological Sciences Bldg.
For Information Contact: Andrew Pincon

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What's your opinion of the global cost of Y2K.
Include in your estimate litigation, loss of business,
as well as estimated costs of fixing IT systems.

Y2K Estimated Cost Worldwide

Will the global impact of Y2K be as costly as ?

World War 2 - 4.2 trillion
Vietnam War - 500 billion
Kobe Japan quake - 100 billion
LA quake - 60 billion
less than Hurricane Andrew - <40 billion

Y2K - You and Your PC

Vendor Y2K Compliance Databases & Links

Personal Preparation for Y2K

Hard Copy Archive of Y2K Articles

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Small Business Y2K Guidelines,
assessment forms and contingency plans.
Y2K MS PowerPoint Presentations.

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