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Y2K - You & Your PC

Complete Y2K FAQ
NSTL Y2K test utility FAQ
NSTL Year 2000 test utility
No. American Electric Research Council
(main entity responsible for Y2K in power industry)
Electric Utilities Y2K status
Electric Utilities Industry
News and Prognostications
IEEE Home Page
Telecommunications Y2K
SBA Main Page for Y2K resources
Federal Government Y2K
FEMA Emergency Services Assessment Report
State of Illinois Y2K website
State of Wisconsin Y2K website
Comprehensive Y2K Methodolgy

(The RUY2KOK Methodology doc
requires an Acrobat Reader)
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Vendor Y2K Databases & Links

Chicago Chamber Commerce Y2K Task Force
IBM Year 2000
Intel Year 2000 Home Page
Microsoft Year Y2K Home Page
Compaq Computer Corp.
Dell Computer Year 2000 Home Page
3 Com/U.S. Robotics Year 2000 Home Page
EDS Vendor Y2K status database
GSA Y2K Vendor Product database search
Federal Government Y2K COTS vendor list
(commercial off-the-shelf software)
Product Y2K Compliance database search
Y2K Embedded Systems Links
Y2K Tech Links
Software Industry Assoc. Y2K website
The Good, the bad, the ugly - Y2K software
Y2K Building Owner's Maintenance Assoc.
Current reported Y2K status of various States
Acrobat - PowerPoint Y2K info download page

Y2K Personal Preparations

The Gartner Group Y2K Personal Preparation Issues-October '98
Federal Trade Commission
Y2K Consumer Products database
Rx2000 Y2K Medical & Pharmaceutical website
Registry of Y2K status of
Publicly Trade Companies
Security and Exchange Commission Y2K Home Page
Credit Union Association Y2K website
Dr. Ed Yardeni Y2K Cybereconomics website
The Cassandra Project
Gary North

Test your opinions of the impact of Y2K on a
variety of inter-related Information Systems.

Enter your estimate of percent of failure here for each area
listed and the DOMINO ENGINE calculates the outcome.

Archive of Hard Copy Y2K Articles

September 1998
October 1998
November 1998

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