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CCS Digital Imagery Sig 

Homework for March 21, 2001

Printer Session

Download the following zip file of the 2 pictures digitlpi.zip for the printer test

Each member is to print out this JPG using their printer.

  The purpose of this exercise is to work with your printer and your software to create a printout to the best of your abilities. Work with different settings to enhance the flesh tones, contrast, hue, backgrounds, etc.
Than make 1 or more printouts of 5x7 on your favorite paper. Be prepared to talk about what you have learned about your printer and it's capabilities and limitations.
  Also gives the sig the following information on what was used to print the photo. 
Printer, Software and what paper was used.

Extra Credit:

Use of Effect Paper, Clear Coats, Krylon, Thermal Transfer, Etc.
Make Prints larger than 5x7, say 8x11 or 11x17.
Use of Fractals to generate enlarged photos without degradation.
Enlarge an area of jpg and print out with different photo settings to show capabilities and limitations.

Any questions, call Sanford @ 630-241-9871 m-f.

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