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1995 Midwest Regional Conference

Welcome to the Midwest Regional User Group Officers and Directors Conference

For the Chicago Computer Society and APCUG, I welcome you to the fifth annual Midwest Regional User Group Officers and Directors Conference. This conference is an opportunity to meet with our peers, discuss building and running a successful computer user group, find out from other groups what works, and get advice from experts in the field. And hopefully get ideas and inspiration to take back to our own user groups.

For better or worse, this year's conference carries my stamp as an instructor and training manager. Beyond the traditional roundtables, we've tried to provide the opportunity for training by bringing in experts from outside the user group community. These speakers bring expertise that many user groups may not easily have access to. If you find these workshops helpful, please express your thanks to the speaker - they've given up a nice Saturday to share their knowledge with us.

Obviously, such an effort as this comes off because of the efforts of many people. In particular, we wouldn't be here without the support of our Conference Sponsors: Adaptec, Adobe, America Online, Borland, Claris, Delrina, Elek-Tek, IBM, Intuit, Lotus Development, Microsoft, Novell, Symantec, and the User Group Connection. We appreciate their continued support of user groups and I encourage you to share your appreciation with the vendor representatives who are attending the Conference. Consider also a short note or letter of appreciation after you return home.

Thanks also to the many other vendors who contributed products for the Sunday attendance drawing. Please share your good fortune with your members by reviewing the products in your newsletter, and sending the review to the vendor.

Jerry Sass from McDonald's and the Chicago Computer Society was instrumental in arranging for our use of McDonald's Hamburger University Conference Center and the Lodge. I think you'll agree it's an excellent location. At the Lodge Holly Jankauskis and Patricia Orr guided us through all the many details of the meals, vendor presentations, and roundtables.

In setting up the Conference, Carol Diamond has been my right hand and most of my left hand. Carol handled the registrations and product drawing, and as always did a superb job. (This isn't the first time Carol has kept me sane and under control in a user group event.) Thanks also to Harold Driscoll for setting up our Web page, and Beata Kernan and Sharon Whitney for helping with all the last minute details the week of the Conference. Thanks also to Bill Diamond, John Kernan, Char Seltzer, and Lois Sickels for helping us out with all the administrivia during the Conference. Finally, my personal thanks to Mohamad Zaini of Mayer, Brown & Platt, who assisted me with getting information out of our registration database and into these Proceedings.

Ken Johnson
The Chicago Computer Society

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