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The Chicago Computer Society -- Users Helping Users

1995 Midwest Regional Conference


Harold Driscoll, Sysop, GLOBALNET -- (Workshop Description)

GLOBALNET is the Electronic Bulletin Board System of the APCUG. It provides user group leaders with a place to share experiences, ideas, problems, and challenges.

Phone Number Change

The direct access telephone number for GLOBALNET has recently been changed. The new number is (+1) 408 431 2001. Access is also available to some user group leaders via the CompuServe network. That access code remains unchanged, with the host name of APCUG1.

The phone number change was made as part of our recent relocation of the GLOBALNET computer system. Unfortunately, the gremlins helped us out somewhat more than we might have liked, and our CompuServe link was down for a few weeks after the move, until we were able to get the required cables to interconnect with a Cisco router. Our hosts at Borland were particularly helpful during this period. We couldn't have done it without the extraordinary efforts from several Borland and APCUG folks. Thanks go out to each of them, as well as to the patience of all of our callers during this difficult period.

Sponsored Access to GLOBALNET

Access to GLOBALNET is available to all user group leaders via a direct call. In addition, through the generous support of our sponsors, particularly Borland International, we are able to provide the user group officers who serve in selected key positions in their groups with sponsored access via the CompuServe Information Service network. Since CompuServe provides service throughout the United States and around the world, GLOBALNET is a local rate phone call away for many user group leaders.

Who Qualifies for Sponsored Access

APCUG can provide member user groups with access via the CompuServe network. The user group leaders who qualify call the nearest CompuServe access line; APCUG picks up the cost of the call from there. Callers do not need to have, nor use, an account with CompuServe. APCUG sponsored access is available to the group President, the Editor of the user group newsletter, the Program Chair, and two user group officers designated by the group President. These two designated individuals must personally have a leadership role within their group.

The President of the user group must notify the Sysop (System Operator) in writing, either electronically or in hard copy form, of the user group leaders who are authorized for sponsored access, with the following information:

  1. The name of the individual to be given access,
  2. The position and title of the individual, and
  3. The expiration of the individuals responsibility upon which the sponsored access is based.

All user group leaders are welcome and encouraged to use GLOBALNET. We have been able to acquire fast modems for the direct access phone lines in California (CCITT V.32bis 14.4 kbps). Use of an off line mail reader will also help keep long distance costs to a minimum. Representatives of companies which provide personal computer products and services are welcome and encouraged to call GLOBALNET via the direct access number.

The CompuServe Network

The CompuServe information network provides 2,400 bps (bits per second) service in many cities. Most user group leaders will be able to access the service via a local call. In addition 9,600 bps (V.32, V.42) and 14,400 bps (V.32bis, V.42) service is available in some areas.

Registering to use GLOBALNET

Each user group leader who wants to use GLOBALNET should call the direct access line, and complete the registration questionnaire. New caller registrations are reviewed, and access levels are upgraded by the Sysop, usually within a day or two. Callers can minimize this delay by making sure that they provide complete and correct information when they register. User groups which have not provided current information to the APCUG Secretary for their user group leaders may also encounter a delay for verification. When the registration for a qualifying user group leader is processed, their individual account will be authorized to log on via the CompuServe network.

Finding the Phone Number

There are two ways to find out the local phone number to the CompuServe network in your area: call CIS Customer Service from a voice phone at 800 848 8990 or (+1) 614 457 8650 and follow the directions; or call any CIS phone number you have or 800 346 3247 with your modem (set to 7 E 1), and select the PHONES host, and follow the directions. Since CompuServe is continuously expanding and improving their network service, you may want to check the PHONES host every several months; you may find that faster or closer service has been added. You can also use the PHONES host to report the occasional problem with an access port.

GLOBALNET via CompuServe Network

When you connect to your nearest access number, you will type <:Enter>, then + (a plus sign), and then <:Enter> again. You should ignore the garbled type. (What this does is tell the network to switch from 7 bit to 8 bit mode). When you receive the prompt Host Name: then type APCUG1 and <:Enter>. You will receive the Connected response from CompuServe, and then the language prompt from GLOBALNET. You can then log on and use the system in the normal way. Since CompuServe is a packet switching network, you may encounter short delays before characters are reflected to your screen. Although this can seem awkward at first, most callers quickly become accustomed to it.

Daily Usage Limits

Each user group leader is allowed one hour of use each GLOBALNET day, and a single account on the system. Time does not accumulate from one day to the next. There is no limit on downloads, nor on how many leaders from the user group are enrolled. Each user group in North America is limited to two hours per day of sponsored access via the CompuServe network. There is no limit on direct access, other than one hour limit per individual. GLOBALNET uses Coordinated Universal Time (formerly called Greenwich Mean Time), so a new day starts in early evening in the North America. Daily time limits are reset at midnight Universal Time.


Sponsored access to the GLOBALNET service provides an inexpensive way for key user group leaders to share their ideas, experiences, and problems with many other leaders from around the world. With your communications program set to 8 N 1, call the nearest CompuServe access number. When the system answers, type <:Enter>, the plus (+) key, and <:Enter> ignoring the garbled characters. Type APCUG1 as the host name, and you'll be connected to GLOBALNET.

Discussion and behavior on GLOBALNET is informal, but reasonable conduct is expected. Abusive or unreasonable behavior will not be tolerated. Fortunately, we have few such problems. While you are welcome to lurk (listen but not participate); you'll get a lot more out of the resource by introducing yourself, and joining in the discussions.

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