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The Chicago Computer Society -- Users Helping Users

1995 Midwest Regional Conference

Long-Range Planning and Program Roundtable

Bill Zeigler, Lotus/Spreadsheet SIG leader, Chicago Computer Society -- (Workshop Description)

The purpose of planning is to maximize achievement of identified goals of the organization. Planning is required because working toward the goals requires at least "minimum run" execution.

Goals must be identified. This can be perhaps less obvious than imagined. For example:

Once goals are defined, it is easier to identify the most effective path to reach those goals. Examples of issues and methods include:

To execute the techniques and strategy to achieve goals, the ever present issue of volunteer staffing comes up:

A complete discussion could include the area of documentation. These items may or may not exist or may not get prepared. However, these are simply thoughts on what could be done in the "perfect" world if we all had nothing else to do.

It is an interesting question who makes the above decisions, how are or should they be "approved?" For instance, if there were a screen process to improve the quality of participants for a job, who screens the screeners?

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