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The Chicago Computer Society -- Users Helping Users

1995 Midwest Regional Conference

User Group Online Resources

Kenneth Johnson, Conference Coordinator, Chicago Computer Society

[What follows is a far from comprehensive list of user group resources available through various online services. I would like to keep this list up to date, so if you have additions please send them to me at kejohns@interaccess.com. - Ken Johnson]


UG-LIST, the User Group Mailing List, provided by the Melbourne PC User Group as a service to the user group community. To subscribe, send a message to Majordomo@melbpc.org.au with the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe ug list your_internet_address

There are two addresses associated with this list:

majordomo@melbpc.org.au - For server commands

ug list@melbpc.org.au - For messaging with other people

APCUG Home Page (currently under construction):


Apple User Groups on the Internet - listing of US, international, and professional/special interest groups:


Computer Shopper BBS/User Groups Directory - list your BBS or User Group at no charge:


Computer User Groups on the Web - Home pages of user groups throughout the world:


User Group Connection - listing of user groups, user group management information, vendor user group marketing, special deals:



Clipper User Groups: GO CLIPPER

Microsoft Mindshare User Group Forum: GO MINDSHARE

Oracle User Group Forum: GO ORAUSER

OS/2 User Groups: GO OS2USER

PC World Online User Group Update: GO PCWORLD, select Online Exclusive, then User Group Update

WUGNET Windows User Group Support: GO WINUSER

America Online

AOL has dedicated the last few months to developing the User Group Viaduct, which is our way of exchanging ideas and resources with the user group community offline. The User Group Forum (keyword UGF) is where you can conduct these kinds of exchanges of information concerning user group issues online through AOL.

BBSs and Other

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