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1995 Midwest Regional Conference

Spice and Family Activities

Chicago is a great place to visit, with lots of things to do in and around the city. Why not bring your family along for the weekend? There are lots of things to keep them entertained on Saturday, and you can join them Sunday afternoon, before heading back home. You'll find parkland and beaches along miles of the lakefront, world class museums, as well as a wide variety of entertainment and dining experiences.

In the Oak Brook area, you'll find a variety of attractions, ranging from the Morton Arboretum to the first-rate Oak Brook Shopping Center.

Tezcat Chicago Attractions   (www.tezcat.com/web/chicago.html)
This list of Chicago attractions is presented by one of the Internet Service Providers in the Chicaoland area.
Net Chicago Resource Guide (www.ais.net/netchicago/resource.html)
This list of Chicago attractions is presented by another Internet Service Providers in the Chicagoland area, American Information Systems, Inc. (AIS). You'll likely need to use the Netscape Navigator browser, since it uses tables. If you are patient through the large graphics you'll find a wealth of useful information.
This is Chicago (www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SDG/IT94/Venue.html)
This is the electronic "brochure" from the Second Annual World Wide Web Conference held last October 1994. Some of the information is dated, but much of it still applies.
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce (www.chicago.org/)
An eclectic mix of information about Chicago, about the Chamber of Commerce , and about doing business.
Chicago Computer Society
Information about the host Society and its activities.
Official "Chicago Mosaic" Home Page (www.ci.chi.il.us/)
You'll find information about major events and activities in Chicago, along with the obligatory pictures of the mayor and tour of officialdom.
Chicago Area Internet Access Information (www.tezcat.com/web/site/site.html)
Links to the Home Pages of Internet Service Providers in the Chicagoland area. You'll find a variety of interesting links among them.
Subway Navigator for Chicago (metro.jussieu.fr:10001/bin/statmap/english/usa/chicago)
Links to the Worldwide Subway Navigator (metro.jussieu.fr:10001/bin/cities/english) map for Chicago, which allows you to plan trips around the city using the CTA subway and "El" system.

The Regional conference is being held just West of the city, conveniently located near the Eisenhower Expressway (Interstate 290, which goes directly East into the city) and the Tristate Tollway (Interstate 294, essentially a "beltway" going North and South around much of the city).

Chicago is warm in August, often with a cooling breeze from the lake. T-shirt and shorts weather; don't forget to bring a comfortable pair of shoes.

Please excuse us, since Spice has become an APCUG in joke as the plural of Spouse.

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