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1995 Midwest Regional Conference

User Group Resources

Adobe User Group Relations At A Glance

Adobe Systems Incorporated, founded in 1982, is committed to supporting the User Group community and maintaining long term relationships with its leaders and members. Adobe recognizes how User Groups raise awareness, promote understanding and productive use of computer software products and technologies at large.

Adobe User Group Relations is chartered with supporting User Groups efforts, providing current product information and securing knowledgeable speakers on Adobe technology. User Groups registered with Adobe User Group Relations receive a number of services, benefits and information.

Information Mailings

Regular bimonthly mailings to Macintosh®, PC/Windows, NetWare®, and Ventura Publishing User Groups, Professional Associations and the Adobe Technology Exchange. Information includes company editorial coverage, current press releases, product white papers including new feature highlights and competitive analysis, tips and techniques sheets, Q & A updates, customer spotlights on newest releases and new product brochures.

Speaker/Presentation Opportunities

Adobe speakers attend User Group meetings to present and demonstrate Adobe software products and technologies.

Review Software

Adobe software products are available to review in User Group newsletters.

On Line Presence

Updated product information, press releases, customer spotlights and more are available in electronic format on CompuServe®, America Online , eWorld, AppleLink® and the Adobe BBS for User Groups to download for publication in their newsletters.


Adobe sponsors User Group events at both Spring & Fall COMDEX and Summer & Winter MacWorld. Whenever possible, Adobe supports regional User Group events such as conferences, table top fairs, trade shows, forums, and fund raisers.

Special Programs

Adobe offers a special User Group program to acquire Adobe Acrobat software and begin distributing electronic information more efficiently and effectively. The Adobe Acrobat User Group Program provides User Groups with all the software tools to publish electronically and distribute information to User Group members. For more information, contact Adobe User Group Relations.

Adobe User Group Relations Contact
Rye Livingston
Manager, User Group Relations
415 962 4923
Internet: usergroup@adobe.com
AOL: Adobe Rye
eWorld: Adobe Rye
AppleLink: Livingston.R

Direct correspondence to: Adobe Systems Incorporated, User Group Relations, 1625 Charleston Road, M/S C 2, Mountain View, CA 94039 7900.

Adobe, the Adobe logo and Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated or its subsidiaries and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

© 1994 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.

Inso Corporation

I have been coordinating the Inso Corporation, formerly Systems Compatibility Corporation, user group program for about 4 months. With a database of nearly 700 user groups, I am not able to visit each one. Instead, for the smaller groups (with an average attendance of 150 members and lower), I have created a sample files disk and demo outline for one of the members to give to the group. I send out 3 boxes of software to whoever is giving the demo. One box will stay in the user group library and the other 2 boxes are raffled off after the demo. I also request that a copy of the review of Outside In in the user group newsletter is sent to me. Another perk for the members is the special pricing of Outside In the normal price is $89.00 plus shipping. I send sales forms for the user groups offering Outside In for $39.00, including shipping, for one week after the Outside In demo. After that week, shipping charges are added.

Either I, or another salesperson, will go and demo to the larger groups nationwide (with an average attendance of 150+ members). The same sales discount applies. Again, I request a copy of the review in the newsletter. After the demo, there is a Q & A period and I will raffle 3 boxes of software to the group.

Maureen Hill
Inso Corporation
User Group Marketing Coordinator


What Is Mindshare?

Your questions answered.

Mindshare is the name of the user group support program at Microsoft. Whenever you need support for your user group from Microsoft, just contact the Mindshare Team and we'll help you out. Our mission is to supply you with the information, tools, and support you need to educate the members of your user group on how Microsoft products can benefit them.

Who Is Mindshare?

The Mindshare Team consists of three people: Kerri Grubb, Laura Hoffman Spady, and Annie Sparrow. When you send "snail mail" addressed to the Mindshare Team at Microsoft or electronic mail to mindshar@microsoft.com, you reach all three of us at the same time. This way, you don't have to remember individual names of who to contact for what we'll figure that out on our end and respond to you within 72 hours. If you simply enter "Mindshare" into your database with Microsoft's address and our Mindshare 800 number and electronic mail address, you never have to update it with individual names, and you will always know that your group's information is getting to the correct team at Microsoft.

How Does Mindshare Support User Groups?

We support all user groups that are members of APCUG. We also support Macintosh user groups and SIGs that focus on a Microsoft product. We support user groups through:


If you're a user group president or editor, you can request free software to review for your group's newsletter. Once you send us the review, your group is eligible for additional software to review. Call the Mindshare Fax back System at (800) 228 6738, ext. 1, and request our Review Software Form.


Microsoft product managers and field sales representatives regularly attend user group meetings to give presentations about Microsoft software. Call the Mindshare Fax back System at (800) 228 6738, ext. 1, to request a Presentation Request Form. In the few cases where we are not able to find a presenter for your group, we will furnish you with presentation demonstration scripts and demo files along with a video, so that someone in your group can demonstrate the product.


We moderate a forum on CompuServe (go mindshare). Check out this forum for the latest information from the Mindshare Team!




Go Usergroups


We often host receptions for user group leaders at major trade shows. Bill Gates and other Microsoft executives often speak at these receptions.


If you're just starting a user group, you can use our "startup disk" called Making Connections. It contains more than 80 pages of online information on how to start up or enhance a user group. (The information is contained in a Windows® based Help file for easy navigation.) Call the Mindshare Fax back System at (800) 228 6738, ext. 1, and request a Making Connections Request Form.


The Mindshare Team sends quarterly mailings to the presidents of user groups, giving them the latest information from Microsoft, including white papers, videos, demonstration scripts and files, and press releases. Quarterly Newsletters: We send quarterly MINDSHARE Update newsletters to three to six officers of each user group, to inform as many leaders as possible about the benefits of working with the Mindshare Team. MINDSHARE Update is geared to giving you pertinent information about Microsoft so that you can help educate your members.


Each APCUG member user group in our Mindshare database receives a quarterly update of the Microsoft TechNet CD (technical product and support information, including white papers) in the Mindshare quarterly mailings. We hope that you use the TechNet CD on a training center computer for your members to reference current technical information.

How Can My User Group Benefit The Most From The Mindshare Program?

Starfish Software Announces Support for User Groups

Starfish Software would like to announce its support for user groups. Starfish Software founded in 1994 by Philippe Kahn is focused on delivering simple, powerful, high quality software products that will help people around the world become better organized and more productive.

As founder of Borland International and now Starfish Software, Philippe, has always been an enthusiastic supporter of user groups. At Starfish, we plan on continuing that tradition. Starfish will support user groups by providing timely product information, products for review, participation at user group activities at major tradeshows, and product demonstrations where possible.

The first products from Starfish Software are the world's best selling personal organizer, Sidekick for Windows, and the award winning personal utility, Dashboard for Windows. Using a product design philosophy called slimware, Starfish Software products make customers' most requested features as easy to use as possible.

Concurrent with the release of the Windows 95 operating system, Starfish Software plans to deliver a family of new products, including Sidekick 95 and Dashboard 95, which not only take advantage of the new operating system but also innovate in the convergence of personal computers and telecommunications.

If you have questions regarding Starfish Software products, call 800 370 8963.

If you have a user group request, please contact: Joanna Kulesa, User Group Liaison, tel: 408.338.1286, fax: 408.338.1486, or email: jkulesa@ix.netcom.com.

Also, visit Starfish Software's world wide web site at http://www.starfishsoftware.com and our Compuserve forum by typing: GO SIMPLIFY.

ULEAD Systems

ULEAD SYSTEMS, INC. is a major developer of award winning software dedicated to creating innovative multimedia solutions that combine the latest technical advances with ease of use. Our charter is to develop multimedia solutions that make sophisticated technology usable by the novice, as well as the advance user. The result? Affordable, cutting edge software that empowers all levels of users to create superior multimedia productions faster and easier.


Our goal is to provide all computer users solutions to their multimedia communication needs. The User Group Program consists of 3 components: Special Offers, Press, and Community.


SPECIAL User Group Pricing for User Group Members only!
NEW MediaStudio Pro 2.0 only $249
ImagePals 2 only $99
MorphStudio only $29
Multimedia Converter only $14.95
Please contact Debby Eddy at 800 858 5323 x353. Mention USER GROUP to receive special price!


Newsletter editors! Receive FREE evaluation copies, press kits, and reviewers guides on our products by contacting:

Lauren Finkelman or Amy Greenberg
S&S Public Relations
400 Skokie Blvd., Ste. 200
Northbrook, IL 60062
tel: 708 291 1616
fax: 708 291 1758


Ulead Systems will sponsor your next event or demonstrate our technologies at your next General or Multimedia (or Digital Video) SIG meeting when scheduling permits. Send information to or please contact:

Julie Calimquim
Ulead Systems
970 W. 190th Street, Ste. 520
Torrance, CA 90502
tel: 310 523 9386
fax: 310 523 9399
email: juliec@ulead.com

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