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The Chicago Computer Society -- Users Helping Users

1995 Midwest Regional Conference

Workshop Materials

1a -- GLOBALNET  * NEW *
Harold A. Driscoll, Sysop, GLOBALNET -- (Workshop Description)
1c -- Developing Dynamic Programs  * NEW *
Holly Estal, Coordinator of Continuing Education, Chicago Botanic Garden -- (Workshop Description)
1d -- APCUG Primer: How APCUG Can Help Your User Group  * NEW *
Tom Heffernan and Judy Brown, present and past APCUG Presidents -- (Workshop Description)
1d -- Welcome To APCUG: New Members Club  * NEW *
Moderated by Rollie Cole, APCUG Board of Directors, Detroit Area Network Users Group -- (Workshop Description)
2a -- Long-Range Planning and Program Roundtable  * NEW *
Bill Zeigler, Lotus/Spreadsheet SIG leader, Chicago Computer Society -- (Workshop Description)
2c -- Recruit, Recognize, Retain - the 3 R's for Volunteer Management  * NEW *
Linda Doede, Manager of Volunteer Services, Chicago Botanic Garden -- (Workshop Description)
2d -- How to Use Public Relations Effectively  * NEW *
Betty Ritter, B.J. Ritter Associates -- (Workshop Description)
4a -- Vendors No Longer Interested?  * NEW *
Hartley Macklin, User Group Relations, Delrina Corporation -- (Workshop Description)
4b -- Kid's Computer Learning Days  * NEW *
Lynda Orban, Director of Corporate Communications, Knowledge Adventure Software -- (Workshop Description)

Additional Material

Partner with a Non-Profit  * NEW *
Morene Dunn, Morene Dunn Public Relations
User Group Online Resources  * NEW *
Kenneth Johnson, Regional Conference Coordinator, Chicago Computer Society

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