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2003 CCS BOD Minutes





Highlights of Minutes of Board Meeting of 11/01/03 (After election results)

Taken by Burt Goode, Secretary

 Board Meeting was called to order 11/1/03 10:11 AM by the new President Al Cheeks.

 Board attendees present:  Al Cheeks - President, Tim Kekeis – Vice President, Burt Goode - Secretary, Beata Kernan - Treasurer, Jerry Sass – Region 3 Director, Dick Seward – Region 4 Director, John Wendt – Region 5 Director.  A quorum was present. 

 Al Cheeks, the new President thanked the election committee (including Pete Tinaglia, Dick Seward, and Mark Ertes) for doing a fine job.  He then thanked the previous Board for perpetuation of the organization. 

 The transition from the old Board to the new Board requires turning over records to the new Board ASAP.  Beulah Jones provided the Secretarial records at the meeting.  Terry Moye and Brian Noon indicated that they would turn over all records to Beata Kernan.  Old board members should report the status of all pending projects to the Board as soon as possible.  Until that time, such projects are on hold.

 All leaders are required to provide a complete “Asset Inventory” of CCS equipment they possess for inspection and identification at the January Board meeting.

 The next MXIV Expo event would be held with the coordination of the West and South Chapters. 

 The Hardcopy magazine status was discussed with input from Pete Tinaglia, John Owrey, and Terry Moye.  Al Cheeks will meet with the Hardcopy team directly to determine future publishing schedules.  

The Board was notified of the pending resignation of Norm Montgomery – Region 1 Director from the Board.  Tim Kekeis resigned as Region 2 Director due to his election as Vice President.  Howard Siebolt was elected as the new Region 2 Director.

 Beata Kernan reported that as of October 31, 2003 the organization had 826 members.

 The next Board meeting to be held 11/13/03 (subsequently cancelled due to bad weather).  The December Board meeting will be the annual Holiday Leadership meeting on December 20, 2003 and all CCS Leaders are invited for a discussion on goals for the entire organization.

 The meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM.

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Highlights of Minutes of Board Meeting of 12/20/03

Taken by Burt Goode, Secretary

 Board Meeting was called to order 12/20/03 10:05 AM by the President Al Cheeks.

Board attendees present:

Al Cheeks - President

Howard Siebalt – Region 2 Director


Tim Kekeis – Vice President

Jerry Sass – Region 3 Director


Burt Goode - Secretary

Dick Seward – Region 4 Director


Beata Kernan - Treasurer

John Wendt – Region 5 Director

A quorum was present. 

 The Minutes of the previous Board meeting of 11/01/03 were accepted.

 The Treasurers report was presented by Beata Kernan indicating a bank balance of $53,981.03.  Further reports were not complete awaiting return of the records from the previous President, Terry Moye.  The Membership report was also presented by Beata Kernan indicating 902 current members.  Lists of dropped members would be sent to each regional director for follow-up with members; to try to retain their membership.

 The official resignation of Norm Montgomery of Region 1 from the Board was acknowledged.

 Regional Directors reported recent activities in their regions.  A discussion of whether all CCS groups were actively meeting was held and regional directors were asked to report back to the board to confirm current activity in each area.  It was noted that many groups were meeting the same night and that should be avoided.  It was also noted that Regional Directors should attend meetings in their area and provide assistance to each leader and act as a backup should the leader not be available.

 Arun Khan resigned as coordinator of the Linux SIG.  The unknown status of the Northwest Chapter meeting was also discussed.

 Pete Tinaglia, Hard-Copy liaison, indicated that he expected the production of Hard Copy to be once per month with a 27 day publishing cycle.  An issue should be coming out shortly.

 Terry Moye was Honored with a Lifetime Honorary Membership as a Past President.  All retiring Board Members will be receiving Certificates of Achievement.

 Harold Driscol Memorial Awards winners were announced: Jane Smith; Dick Seward; Mark Ertes; Tom Tepper, and Stan Hungness were selected for this CCS lifetime achievement award.

 The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 AM.

 Note:  After the Board meeting CCS Leaders discussed ways to improve the organization, recruit new members and retain existing members.

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