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Hard-Copy Journal

March 2000, Volume 16, Number 3

South Suburban Chapter

By Joe Nowak

CCS Events at South Suburban College

[A membership growth competition is in progress for CCS chapter and SIG sites. South Suburban College hosts a fair variety of these events. The South Suburban Chapter has attracted more new members than any other monthly venue. They won the prize for the first month, a one year internet subscription from Quik Internet.

You may remember seeing in these pages a month ago a detailed summary, like this one, of what events were yet to come at the time it was originally issued. It was interspersed with exhortations and comments from Joe Nowak, “We’re gonna Win!" Well, they did. More importantly, they have increased the regional interest in their offerings and are serving more people. Go thou and do likewise. — CS, Ed.]

Felix for Everyone!

For the last two months or so, attendees at the South Suburban meetings have been captivated by a little desktop feline named Felix. Al Cheeks and Joe Nowak have tried distributing copies to all those who have requested but this can be time-consuming. Therefore, during February, Felix will be on the February tip disk. All you have to do is copy a single file (Felix.exe) onto your hard drive. Then double click the program and you have a new feline friend.

Windows SIG

February 1, 2000

Al Cheeks will finish his networking presentations with a demonstration of peer-to-peer networking. Networks are not just for Fortune 500 companies anymore. Many small businesses and even families are opting to network the family's computers. Attend this meeting to keep up with the trends of the new millennium.

Word Processing SIG

February 8, 2000 Printing

Everyone "knows" how to print a document. Do they? At this meeting we will explore the printing possibilities available with Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word. We will discuss the various options available at the print dialogue box. How do you stop a runaway printer? You have a one-page document and you want to print 10 copies. Is it faster to print them collated or not collated? Attend this meeting for the answers to these and other printer questions.

March 14, 2000 Star Office

This month we will go through the process of installing and demonstrating the Star Office software package from Sun Microsystems. If anyone is currently using this software and would like to assist in the demonstration, (or just give me a couple of pointers) your help would be greatly appreciated. We will focus on the word processing application of this package.

South Suburban Chapter Meeting

February 15, 2000

This meeting will be very important for the future of South Suburban Chapter. This is our big push to attract new attendees and hopefully convert them to members. Keep your eyes and ears open for friends and acquaintances talking about their new computer. Let them know this meeting is for them-the newbie. Here is a tentative list of the topics for demonstration this evening.

Tips Disk

Monthly, Joe Nowak distributes a disk of tips aimed at helping attendees solve problems before they occur. This disk contains tips on word processing, spreadsheets, graphics and most notably, internet utilization. The disk contains direct links to sites that have been proven to be helpful and that the average user might not know exists.

Digital Camera

Dave Leeseberg will demonstrate the use of a digital camera, suggesting techniques, camera specifications, methods of downloading into the computer and quality printing.


Everybody loves music of one form or another. Current industry excitement involves MPEG players. Every manufacturer of players is trying to outdo the competition by making one smaller than the next. Jack Strom is going to tell us about this technology and where we can download good music for our enjoyment.

Digital Image Enhancement

All photographers know that the final picture is made in the darkroom. With digital imagery, there is no darkroom required. However, there may be a need to enhance an image before delivering it to its final presentation place - website, post card, email, or printout. Al Cheeks will demonstrate techniques of enhancing photographs - increasing or decreasing contrast, brightening, removing "red eye", cropping unwanted backgrounds, and creating special effects.

Palm Pilot

The current industry craze is the hand held computer with the Palm Pilot getting the most press. Jim Bastian will demonstrate the Palm Pilot and let us in on what all the excitement is about.


The first 30 first-time attendees (at the February 15 meeting) will receive a copy of the book, "A Parent's Guide to the Internet." This book normally retails for $1.00 at your neighborhood Government Printing Office but we're offering it free to the first 30 first-timers. We spare no expense.

March 21, 2000

This meeting is designed for all our new users. The New User's Forum will certainly be focused on new users. Open Forum (Q & A) members will be encouraged to ask "new user" type questions. The main program for the evening will focus on new users and how to better acquaint yourself with your new computer. Anyone with a newbie friend should be sure to bring them as a guest for this evening.

Internet SIG

The Internet gods seem to be angry with poor Robin. She was ill in January and unable to attend the meeting. Joe Nowak, with assistance from Al, Cheeks, Jack Strom, and Tim Kekeis substituted. We hope Robin recovers for the February meeting and presents us with the best meeting of the new century.

Very Special Meeting

As many of you know, the February 15 Chapter meeting has been scheduled especially for recruitment. We wish to encourage everyone to bring a friend. This meeting will cover a multitude of topics (see above) and should provide something of interest for everyone that uses a computer. If our membership is going to grow everyone has to get involved in the recruiting process. We need you to spread the word. Pick up a copy of Jack Weeden's publicity flyers at the next meeting and post at the nearest supermarket, department store, school, club or anyplace you can. Help us grow. :

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